Saturday, January 29, 2011

Starting Out

Today I decided to start a blog.  This will be to journal the work on my horse paintings.  I currently have two going right now.  One is almost done and just needs tightening.  It's titled Pinto in the Sun and is 22"x 28".  The other one still has a way to go.  It's on a canvas 24"x 30" and is a deep 1 1/2" gallery wrap painting.  It's titled Pinto Mare.  I've decided I really want to work big and that the deeper canvases help in that direction.  Not to mention I don't have to mess around with framing, which was the bane of my existence when I was working in oil and soft pastel.  Both paintings are acrylic.  They are based on the photographic shoot I did in 2004 when I lived in Canon City CO .  There was a stable called The Paint Factory in Penrose (nearby) that specialized in Pinto or Paint horses.  I drove by it every time I went to Colorado Springs and I finally called them to see if I could come photograph their horses.  I spent the better part of the afternoon shooting there and came away with a wonderful batch of images to work with.  They are still providing me with a lot of inspiration.  However I continue to look for more horses to photograph.  It's a little tougher in Salt Lake City.  More about that later.

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